Tillerson’s sarcasm

The shared tension between the two allies in war on terror, Pakistan and the United States touched new heights when Secretary of States Rix Tilleson hinted that Pakistan may lose control of  its territory  if it does not address the growing “size and influence of militant organizations” in the country. Speaking at Atlantic Council, Tillerson stressed that the United States is more concerned about the stability in Pakistan. The US Secretary of State said that he warned the leadership of Pakistan that it may become the target. “The militant organizations may turn their attention from Kabul to Islamabad what they like.” “I understand there is a relationship that has emerged probably for, in their view good reason a decade ago but now that relationship had to be altered because if they are not careful. Pakistan is going to lose control of their own country, “he added.

Pakistan’s foreign office repudiated Tillerson view, stating that Islamabad did not agree with the comments and perception of the US Secretary of States. It reiterated that “Pakistan has undertaken a large scale operation against terrorists and their safe heavens across the length and breath of the country with notable success.” The US administration used to give contradictory statements. At one time they eulogize the sacrifices of the people and armed forces of Pakistan, but at the other they blame its staunch allay for harboring militants. When operation Zarb-i- Azab was not launched in FATA and writ of the stat was almost non-existent, the US administration never raised the stability bogey. Earlier, Secretary Tillerson expressed his imaginary concerns about the threat of instability in Pakistan in his first visit to India. The NATO Command failed to seal the Pak-Afghan border during this operation to prevent the fleeing militants to the territories of Afghanistan. But the armed forces of Pakistan defeated the amorphous enemy of world’s peace, the TTP and other militant outfits. Now after smashing the safe heaven of militants in the tribal areas restoring government’s writ there and launching operation Rad-ul-Fasad all over the country, Secretary Tillerson is worried about the stability of Pakistan. This is nothing but a veiled reference to the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif on account of his massive corruption by misusing public office. The disqualification of former prime minister has not affected the stability of the country. In fact he tried to create disorder in the country but he could not succeed. The present government and assemblies will complete their tenure and election will be held on time. All the institutions of the state are excellently performing their role within the limits enshrined in the constitution. The protest of TLYRA at Faizabad should not be interpreted as a militants’ threat to government in Islamabad. There were protest rallies in the United States after the victory of Donald Trump in presidential elections. Was it a march on Washington? Tillerson sarcasm against Pakistan is uncalled for.  The US leadership should ponder over their failure in Afghanistan and find out the real causes there for. They should also take into account the content of the interview of former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, blaming the US forces of providing weapons and logistic support to Daesh fighters inside Afghanistan.

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