Toddler pulled out of well survives after two-day rescue mission

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HELMAND (Khaama Press): The two-year-old who was stuck after tumbling down 30-meter deep water well in Helmand province was reportedly pulled out alive, according to Taliban government authorities.
After days of struggle, the young child who fell into a well in the province of Helmand was saved on Wednesday.
According to the Taliban’s director of information and culture in the province of Helmand earlier on Tuesday, a technical team was sent to the site to save the toddler, after the child fell into the well.
The child reportedly tumbled into the well on Tuesday and was successfully pulled out after the rescue teams raced to save the child.
Similar incidences have previously occurred in other provinces, particularly in the south of the country, and the majority of these tragedies have involved children dying at the end.
In the past month, two children drowned after falling into a well in the southern Afghan province of Helmand’s Garmsir district, while the third was saved. One female and two boys each fell into the well. The villagers’ efforts succeeded in saving the female child.
Since there have been more instances of people falling into wells, the Taliban Interior Ministry ordered that wells without a cover be covered.

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