Top five Most stumpings by a wicket-keeper in ODIs

Top five: Most stumpings by a wicket-keeper in ODIs

NEW DELHI (Agencies): In the history of international cricket, there have been great spinners. But none of them would have been as successful if they didn’t have a good wicket-keeper to back their skills behind the stumps. Spinners and wicket-keepers can often be seen working in tandem. Making strategies, calling out on field placements and devising a strategy for a batsman.

And when that opportunity comes along, when the bowler deceives the batsman, it all comes down to the wicket-keeper to take that perfect catch or be quick enough to dislodge the bailsk. In the history of cricket there have been quite a few wicket-keepers who have been exceptional with their glove work. here takes a look at wicket-keepers with the most stumping dismissals in ODIs.

MS Dhoni (123 stumpings)

From captaining the side to guiding his bowlers and reading different match situations to being lightning quick behind the stumps, India veteran MS Dhoni has been a class apart as a wicket-keeper in the past decade. One of the greatest to have ever played the game, Dhoni has been in the top bracket among international wicket-keepers. The 38-year-old has been phenomenal behind the stumps throughout his ODI career spanning over 15 years. Dhoni might be in the twilight of his international career but lightning quick reflexes and great anticipation still make him the best in the business. With 123 stumpings in 350 matches, Dhoni sits at the top of the pile in the list of most stumping dismissals by a wicket-keeper in ODI cricket. Add to that his 321 catches behind the stumps and that takes his overall dismissals to a staggering 444 in ODIs. In his ODI career, Dhoni has a dismissal-per-innings rate of 1.286.

Kumar Sangakkara (99 stumpings)

For 15 years, Kumar Sangakkara donned the wicket-keeper’s gloves for Sri Lanka and in the end went down in the history books as one of the best to have played the game. Sangakkara, like his batting, was classical behind the stumps. Dealing with the likes of Muttiah Muralitharan and other Sri Lankan spin wizards, Sangakkara was almost always on the top of his game. With 99 stumpings in his ODI career, Sangakkara sits second on the list of wicket-keepers with most dismissals via stumpings, behind MS Dhoni. Sangakkara also had 383 catches to his name, taking his overall tally to 482 in 404 matches. The Lankan great had a dismissal rate of 1.365 per innings in the ODI format.

Romesh Kaluwitharana (75 stumpings)

A firebrand cricketer who became a household name during the 1996 ICC ODI World Cup, which Sri Lanka won, Romesh Kaluwitharana was very effective behind the stumps. From the period between 1990 to 2004 Kaluwitharana played a total of only 189 matches. With 75 stumpings, Kaluwitharana was pretty good at dislodging the bails whenever the batsman was found straying out of his crease. From understanding his bowlers to anticipating the batsmen’s movements, Kaluwitharana was a good reader and his effortless glovework was the cherry on top. With 131 catches behind the stumps, Kaluwitharana had a total of 206 dismissals to his name in his ODI career.

Moin Khan (73 stumpings)

Pressurising the batsmen with his sledging, making them commit errors and lightning quick glove work separated Moin Khan from the rest during his stint in international cricket between 1990 to 2004. With the likes of Saqlain Mushtaq and other Pakistan spin greats, Moin looked effortless and classical when keeping for Pakistan. With a total of 73 dismissals, Moin is fourth on the list of wicket-keepers with most stumping dismissals. A total of 214 catches and an overall 287 dismissals put Moin in the top bracket of wicket-keepers in ODIs. The dismissal rate per innings of 1.373 was also a key highlight of Moin’s international career for Pakistan.

Adam Gilchrist (55 stumpings)

One of the bravest keepers who stood behind the stumps against the likes of Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist has been an inspiration for a whole generation of wicket-keeper batsmen. With a total of 55 stumpings, Gilchrist is fifth on the list of wicket-keepers with most stumpings in ODI cricket. However, 417 catches, takes his overall dismissals tally to a staggering 472, making him one of the greatest in Australia and in the world. Gilchrist still holds the highest dismissal-per-innings rate record of 1.679 in ODIs.

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