Top management of PIA

Every time PIA comes in Media they only talk of Operational Employees of PIA that there is overpopulated employees and a figure is Quoted of high number of employees and so Little Aircraft, and a wrong Impression of PIA is Projected Intentionally or unintentionally as Free Tickets worth 5 Billions according to recent Audit of PIA Bribe to Non PIA personal, by CEO Political Appointee by PMLn Mr Cyan Musharaff as an Educationist/head master now projected Falsely as Aviation Expert, Such Lies have been Dished out ,by the Press People receiving share in these Free Tickets ? worth 5 Billion Rupees as recent Audit has revealed .
Press Screams at us that all the wrongs is because of large number of PIA employees and it is Mismanaged because of large number of employees and it is such a wrong and Biased Pakistani Media that is portraying a wrong Picture of PIA.
It Targets mostly employees or specially the operational Employees of PIA that Is basis of PIA Losses falsely, maybe the Press is run by uneducated Professionals who don’t know how to read the Management issue that may be the cases as most of Press people are BA pass and not MBA or management experts or with Financial Degrees. Fact of Matter is this All the Salaries of PIA is only 12-15 Percent of Total PIA Balance Sheet and that is nothing as even top 5 Airlines of the world like Emirates and Turkish Airline the Balance sheet of Employees Salaries is 30 to 35. Clearly double then PIA .
What Press does not tell you if PIA has 35 Aircrafts there are more than 100 GM and Directors and CEO nd each have Salaries in Millions, mostly Political Employees appointed by Breaking PIA rules and Regulations and Merit and leaving Original Employee of PIA Not promoted with Seniority, Non Merit People.
Why PIA should not reduce the TOP heavy Managers and Directors and Fire such Incompetent Directors and CEO whose Salary is more then whole 12000 Employees put together worth Millions each Directors /GMS and even when they serve for a Month , they get Tickets and Benefits for whole life which is rip off and incredible . PIA can be run by only 3 or 4 GM and Directors.
Emirates Airlines and Etihad having 10 times more Aircraft and earn more than 10 times of PIA has 3 Directors only and we have in 100,s Directors / CEOS’s and GMS for 35 Aircraft only.
I request the chief Justice of Pakistan to Address this Real issue of PIA as it is Hearing the case in Supreme court of PIA and he should also Call the CEO of PIA before 2008 which he clearly Missed to call as PIA was in Trouble since 1998 and open Skies Polices not 2008.
Khurrum Yousafzai