Torrential rain damages standing crops in Swabi

Torrential rain damages standing crops in Swabi

F.P. Report

SWABI: The torrential rain accompanied thunderstorm caused damaging the standing crops and power suspension to various localities for over 16 hours. A number of villages receive the power supply from the Zaida Feeder and various other areas have remained without electricity for long hour which caused serious problems and numerous difficulties for the people.

Zaida, Shahmansoor, Gar Munara, Yousafi, Sodher and surrounding areas of these villages have been linked with Zaida Feeder. At midnight torrential rain accompanied thunderstorm lashed out at the district and it caused the suspension of the power supply to many regions but Zaida, Gadoon Amazai, Razaar and various regions of Tehsil Chota Lahor were badly disturbed because the power supply to them was restored after 16 hours.

The consumers questioned that where has gone the Pesco officials claim that they had installed separate in various localities that the power could not be trapped in case of rain or thu8nderstrom. When contacted an official of Pesco said that due to falling of polls and trees on main supply line had caused suspension of the power to numerous areas.

He said that the Pesco staff continued their hardwork to restore the power supply as soon as possible. However, the consumers said that the prolong suspension of power gave birth to water shortage problem and various other difficulties. They demanded that the Pesco should immediately restore the power supply.


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