Tourism begins at Gorakh Hills station after long time

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Ahmed Ali Khushik

DADU. Mr Thatree Chauvachata council general of Thailand in Karachi and other local and national tourists has reached at coldest tourism place at Gorakh hill station on Friday.  

This tourist place was officially closed for six months due to outbreak of COVID-19., While, continuously floods of Kheer Thar Ranges Mountains also destructed all parts of road from FP embankment near Johi to Wahi Pandhi as heavy rains started from august 8 .

As soon as , road leading to Gorakh Hills Station was restored on Thursday, the tourism began after a long time at this tourism place.

Mr Thatree Chauvachata council general of Thailand in Karachi visited different parts of Gorakh Hill station like Benazir Bhutto View Park.

 “It was heart and eye catching tourist place in country and ideas would be shared with GHDA to develop this tourist place, if they needed”” said Mr Thatree Chauvachata council general of Thailand in Karachi”.

“GHD station has friendly environment and it feels as a person was touching with sky and feeling pleasure”” Mr Thatree Chauvachata council general of Thailand in Karachi”.

“ I enjoyed a lot as it was nice journey to reach at top of Gorakh hill station and observed attractive natural scenes on the way which are memorizing in mind and coming in eyes again and again” “Mr Thatree Chauvachata council general of Thailand in Karachi”.

Tufail Ahmed Palejo chief engineer provincial highways said that 50 kilometers long road from FP-Flood Protective bund near Johi to Wahi Pandhi town was restored as it was damaged completely after heavy floods of Kheer Thar Ranges Mountains. He said that after august8, four spells of rains had completely destroyed this link road from FP bund to Wahi Pandhi but it was restored after closed eight breaches.

Executive Engineer, Provincial Highway Fatah Mohammad Sanai said that it was second time that they had restored this road from FP embankment to Wahi Pandhi after august 8. He said that it was difficult task that was completed.

“still road  from FP bund near  Johi to Wahi Pandhi  was restored only with dumping clay but needs to construct 15 feet in height and 15 feet in width  a metallic road as it can survive in heavy floods””said a tourist Nabi Bux Mastoi resident of Badin”.

“ I have travelled from FP bund to top of Gorakh hill station within four  hours long on a Jeep but  once it was a smooth road to reach Gorakh hill station within 3 hours before august 8”” said Mohammad Azeem Memon resident of Hyderabad city”.

“It was very costly to live at local restaurants and food was very costly in compare of other tourist place of country and it was expenditure of 20000 rupees per person to reach and stay at Gorakh hill station”” said Mohammad Salih Khichi resident of Karachi “.

“I had paid 10000 rupees transport charges to reach at Gorakh hills top from Wahi Pandhi town and it was not affordable for common person””said Shahamir Khushik a local tourist”.

“District police deployed security at Gorakh hill station road, established four check posts and started patrolling from Wahi Pandhi to Gorakh hill station through vehicle and motorcycles “” said SSP Dadu, Dr Farrukh Raza Malik”. 

“Tourists were facing hardships as damaged road from FP embankment to Wahi Pandhi was restored only”” said DG Gorakh Hill Station Raja Shahzaman Khuhro”.

.” Due to heavy rains at mountains of Gorakh hill station, mud slides were fallen on all parts of road and road was cleared but it needs funds to repair it at hilly areas ”” said Raja Sahzaman Khuhro”.

“It was managed to provide all facilities like power supply, water supply and food with cheap rates “ said Chairman Gorakh Hills development Authority, PPP MNA sardar Rafiq Ahmed Jamali”.

“International Tourists have started to visit this tourist place and it would be more developed””said Sradar Rafiq Ahmed Jamali chairman GHD

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