Tourists visit Aryob Zazai in Paktia

PAKTIA (TOLOnews): In recent weeks, the Aryob Zazi district of Paktia province has witnessed a large number of tourists from various provinces of Afghanistan.
The tourists say they would like more facilities in recreational areas in the provinces.
“We came here to the Aryob Zazi district of Paktia, and it’s a beautiful place,” said Mohammad Iqbal, a Helmand province resident.
“The Aryob Zazi district is a beautiful place in our country,” said Hamyon, a Kandahar resident.
Some residents of Paktia called on the government to provide facilities in the area and to start reconstruction projects.
“The income that is obtained here should be used in the Aryob region,” said Mohammad Anwar Sediqi, an elder.
The management of the recreation area of Aryob Zazi district has been contracted with a private company for 25 years. Although the company has provided facilities for tourists, some tourists had complaints.
“The road is so bad, and It should be renovated, and other facilities should be provided,” said Ramazan, a Kandahar resident.
“It will be good if this place is designated a national park,” said Mohammad Siddiq, a Kandahar resident.
Local officials said that people’s problems and suggestions have been sent to the central office and in the future these requests will be addressed.
“More facilities have been provided compared with last year,” said Abdul Moyne, deputy of the district governor.
“We have prepared seven tour guides for tourists so that they are not upset and treated well,” said Bismillah Akbari, the head of the tourism company.
According to local officials, since the first day of Eid, 50,000 people from various provinces have visited this area for entertainment.