Traders rejected installation of FBR’s tax devices at their shops

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Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: The Government must introduce fixed tax or self-assessment schemes for traders and traders will not pacify against government efforts for installation of FBR’s devices at sales points, which is a conspiracy against the businesses across the country. It was shared by the President All Pakistan Traders Association and Traders Action Committee, Ajmal Baloch along with other leaders of traders associations and Businessmen during a hurriedly organized press conference in Islamabad on Saturday.
Ajmal Baloch said that traders across the country will neither accept the Presidential Ordinance nor allow the FBR to install its devices at sales points for monitoring of business activities.
President traders association Ajmal Baloch requested the government to introduce a fixed tax system or self-assessment scheme, otherwise traders will oppose all plans of the government aim at narrowing the ropes of business community of the country.
Baloch said, traders will observe Faizabad sit-in at all cost until government undo its actions against the businesses and traders of the country.
While responding to another question, Ajmal Baloch lamented the Bureaucracy for destroying the economy of the country through its lack of knowledge and childishness.
Baloch claimed that Bureaucracy is the genuine reason of all failures and downfall of the PTI government.
Baloch claimed that removal of middleman’s role will lead to price hike and further empowerment of FBR would strengthen the corruption culture in the financial Bureau.
Brokers’ Chief representative invited the government for talks with the businessmen community to resolve the issue amicably.
While speaking on the occasion, President Punjab, All Pakistan Traders Association, Malik Shahid Ghafoor said that businessmen and traders are the backbone of the country’s economy and incumbent government and bureaucracy is targeting the lifeline of the economy than how economy can grow through restrictions on businesses and commercial activities in the country.
While responding to media query, Ghafoor said that increase in prices of petroleum products, electricity, and natural gas, coupled with imposition of massive taxation by the government have pushed the businesses into deep ditch and if this situation persists for longer time the commercial activities would come to a complete halt in the country.
The business leaders appealed to the government to review its decision and resolve the issues with traders through negotiations instead of use of force.
The traders were of the view that the Faizabad sit in was announced a month ago and the sit in would be observe anyway until FBR cancel its plan of installation of devices at trader’s shops.

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