Traffic accidents kill 4, injure 9 in Afghanistan’s Samangan

Samangan (Agencies): At least four people died, and nine others were injured in two traffic accidents in Afghanistan’s Samangan province, officials said on Friday. Four commuters died, and nine were injured in two road accidents in northern Afghanistan’s Samangan province. Traffic police official Neyaz Mohammad reported the incidents on Friday. A deadly sequence of road accidents unfolded on Thursday in the northern province of Samangan, Afghanistan. The first incident occurred when a car overturned on the Baghlan-Samangan highway in the Qachen area due to reckless driving. The devastating incident resulted in the loss of four people and injured eight others. Simultaneously, another collision occurred in the same area after two vehicles collided, injuring one person. These incidents indicate the importance of road safety and responsible driving practices to prevent such deadly accidents. Meanwhile, all the injured people were taken to the nearby hospital for further medical treatment. Earlier on Wednesday, a road accident in Afghanistan’s Nuristan province claimed the life of one individual and left four others injured, indicating the ongoing road safety challenges in the area. According to experts, several factors contributed to the surge of incidents in the country, including reckless driving, dilapidated roads, congested highways, lack of attention to traffic rules and regulations and driving fast.