Traffic jams in Buner

It has been widely observed and noticed by us, that the performance and efficiency of Buner traffic police has considerably been improved. The traffic wardens deployed at various check points are busy round the clock to ensure the smooth flowing of traffic in the district. The number of traffic wardens has been increased while there duty points have also been multiplied. In past the traffic wardens- would be seen at Daggar and Sawarry- the two main towns of Buner only. But now their Checking spots have also been established right from Totalai to Pir Baba and Jawar. Even one could witness the traffic wardens deployed at every busy place and locality of Buner.

Moreover efficiency of the Traffic wardens have also been reportedly improved after being   equipped with modern tools and techniques.

Alongside proper training and refresher courses are also being held from time to time to teach them modern knowledge and traffic rules. In short words the Buner  traffic police without  any exaggeration- looks like a very smart and complete  disciplinary force and their behavior and way of treatment toward common people  is very commendable now a days . That is why the Buner traffic Jawans can be rightly called a people friendly contingent of the police force.

However in my mind a few suggestions are highlighted for their further improvement and efficiency. First of all unlike other districts and towns of KP there are no traffic signals installed in the entire district of Buner. Especially establishment of traffic signals at Sawari and Daggar -the two main places of Buner are very necessary for the smooth functioning and flowing of traffic.

Due to the non availability of traffic signals not only are the common people facing a lot of troubles but the traffic also remains jammed and blocked for a long time. The fact of the matter is that most of the vehicles are passing through these two places. So keeping in view the significance of the public demand- the tehsil municipal administration of tehsil Daggar and tehsil Gagra must take stringent measures to make arrangements for erecting/establishment of traffic signals here at least.

Secondly the imminent threat of growing encroachments on main bazaar especially in Sawari-Daggar- Pir Baba-Jawar- Dewana Baba etc also cause a lot of problems and prevent the smooth flowing of traffic in Buner. Particularly the encroachments made by the shopkeepers and vendors in the main cities and towns are very much disturbing and creating a lot of nuisance for the people.

Thirdly the district administration of Buner is also required to devise a wise strategy for the holding of protest and gathering at alternative places, because often the roads get closed during the time of protest or public demonstrations by the political parties or their wings. Especially the main Chowk of Sawarry the busiest  and crowded bazaar of district Buner -remain closed for  several hours  for all kind of traffic on the eve of any protest or public gathering.

Due to this very reason the common people visiting the main head quarter of Buner have to pass through a severe mental and physical stress and strain. Therefore it is not only our request but also of the public demand to shift the venue of protest to some other convenient place in future. I hope the district administration of Buner with the consensus of the district police department will implement these idea into practice in the larger public interest if possible please.

Shaukat Hayat Buneri