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Tribesmen seek resuming of Torkham taxi stand

Ahmad Nabi

LANDI KOTAL: Elders of Khuga Khel asked the administration to resume the Quomi Adda( taxi stand)Torkham that had been suspended for the last 14 months because of the conflict of two contractors.

Addressing to a press conference in Landi Kotal press club on Monday, tribal elders including Khayal Rasool, Atta Khan, Aurang Bacha, Malik Nabi Khan and others said that the taxi stand that had been established on Khuga Khel property and main source of income for hundreds of needy and poor families had shut down for the 14 months due to auction dispute of the stand between two contractors.

“The case is in court and nobody knows that when it will be decided but loss of the Khuga Khel tribe is in progress which is regretful”, they argued.

They were on the view that Quami Adda was the lonely source to earn three times bread for thousands of dwellers of Landi Kotal and its closing was equivalent to compel number of families on starvation therefore that asked to resume the taxi stand through unquestionable people till decision of the court.

They demanded of the Governor Khyber Pakhthunkhwa, Additional Chief Sectary and Political Agent, Khyber Agency to restart the taxi stand with help of impartial persons to avoid further loss of the local tribal.

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