Triumphant ignorance

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Dmitry Kosyrev

The glory of our wonderful Vovan and Lexus is knocking at the heart of their fans: Briton Kurt McArdle, who lives and works in China , set up a sleaze to his British Sinology. How It Was : Kurt made a video of him holding up a plastic card with hieroglyphs with his fingers while saying things like: dude, where’s my money for positive content? And, as if by mistake, I sent this file to several, not exactly the best experts in the United Kingdom on China, but to those who are only heard on all channels, where they tell what a terrible country China is. Then he wrote to everyone again, explaining that an error had occurred and that it would be good to delete the file.
It’s not about whether he did it at the call of his heart or at someone else’s call. And the fact that all the anti-Chinese stars childishly succumbed to the hoax, starting to enthusiastically explain: there is unique evidence that the Beijing regime hires propagandists among Western representatives working in China, only it pays them irregularly.
Here the real Beijing propaganda was delighted: people who call themselves experts on China do not know what the social card looks like, they do not know that it is impossible to transfer money to it. But this is a type of plastic TIN, the main and everyday document of every Chinese, like our passport. We once thought, Beijing propagandists write, that a sinologist is a person who knows our language, regularly visits the country, has the appropriate education and generally at least somehow imagines how our life works.
Then the Chinese began to deal with the problem as a whole: where did the experts on their country in the USA , Great Britain , and other Europe go ? Why are they not heard? We interviewed real sinologists, veterans, scientists, authors of smart books. And they explained the obvious to them: the information field has been captured by a “cohort of charlatans”, these people are unhindered driving waves of hatred towards China. And not only in the media, the picture also looks in that part of the community that gives advice to politicians. A whole generation of real experts is leaving, helping Western governments understand what China is, what to expect from it, what it wants.
And what about the generation of specialists on Russia ? I remember when the Valdai discussion club was created in the early 2000s, which brought together all the best Western Sovietologists-Russianists, they also quietly complained: they simply stopped listening to us, we were pushed aside by charlatans who confuse the Mongol invasion with the Tatar one (a joke, then this famous British no citation yet).
And what about the school of specialists in the Middle East – if they were listened to in the United States, including in the special services, maybe there would not have been the current shameful withdrawal from the region. But rather, there would be no “arrival” there, that is, military incursions without clear further goals.
The essence of the problem is not only in the catastrophe of the West in terms of the use by governments and societies of the knowledge of the best experts in various countries and regions. The catastrophe is much broader, the point is that at least the Anglo-Saxon world is expelled from science as the most important basis for the functioning of society and the state. The meaning of the existence of science and the principles on which it is built and developed are undermined. And it happens in all areas.
Here, for example, is the sensational book by the star of world medicine, the American doctor Scott Atlas, “A Plague on Our House.” This is about how, in August 2020, President Donald Trump invited Atlas to be his covid adviser. I invited him because I felt: this story is not about the virus as such, but about how they want to prevent him, Trump, from being re-elected, manipulating people’s fears. The doctors were simply asked to figure out what and why the people who offered the president solutions on how to deal with the pandemic are doing.
The Atlas simply did not have time to fulfill its function: there was too little time left before the elections in November. But now he describes in great detail his impressions of how the “covid team” of the White House worked.
The fact is, he writes, that medical science (the best epidemiologists, vaccine specialists and others) have been and remain in a state of consensus about what measures should be taken in the event of an invasion of viruses and what not. No endless lockdowns and other things: it doesn’t matter to the virus, but to destroy societies and economies, bring people to hysteria, mutual hatred and permanently kill their faith in states, medicine and vaccines – yes.
The first thing that struck Scott Atlas in the White House was that the people who were part of Trump’s “covid team” had no idea what medical science was. They were from a different category: medical administrators, and this is even a strong word. And secondly, this team began to destroy science with fury, discredit the best specialists through the media and other tools of mass destruction. This is such an American tragedy.
And the same thing happens in the same place with climatology (this is about the fact that the planet is dying as a result of economic development). And in other branches of science, the same methods are used: to put forward a mad and very necessary idea for someone and preventively destroy, expel the best specialists and scientists from the corresponding branch of science, depicting them as a bunch of ignoramuses and murderers. And then the charlatans come.
Let’s recall how science (any) differs from charlatanism. Science is when a person wants to know and understand something and starts searching for the truth, not knowing in advance the result of his search, but having the necessary knowledge and reputation for such work. And when someone initially sets the result of the study, selects the right people for this result (does not give grants to others or simply destroys it), and then the right people then pull up the necessary and highly selective facts under the idea – this is not science, but killing one for the purpose of propaganda and promoting their interests.
The systemic crisis of the West is not only a pogrom of values, beliefs, mutual hatred of people and so on. Systems break down when they don’t have well-established mechanics for detecting what’s going on in any area – in this or that region of the world, in climatology, whatever. And science is such mechanics. Without it, the blind political class pretends to control something, but in reality what happens is what we see. In particular, there comes a complete inability to understand in what world the country lives, that in this world China, Russia, how to communicate with them. And a lot of other unpleasant things are happening – which we are seeing. And sometimes we even laugh, like at the story with the Chinese social card.

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