Trudeau’s war coctrine

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According to western media, the Canadian government is considering deployment of hundreds of additional troops to support the Canadian soldiers already in Ukraine along with the options of moving a warship into the Black Sea or redeploying some of the CF-18 fighter jets based in Romania. According to reports, during the recently held Halifax Security forum Ukrainian authorities requested NATO and Canada to increase the numbers of their forces in its territory due to threat of possible Russian invasion against Ukraine. According to reports, currently about 100,000 Russian troops well-equipped with advanced tanks, heavy artillery, ballistic missiles, fighter jets and other latest weaponry are deployed on the Ukrainian border.

According to reports, about 200 Canadian troops are already deployed on the Ukrainian western border which is about 1000 kilometers away from the war theatre. The Canadian media is somehow confused that a tiny Canadian contingent in Ukraine is no more than a tiny speed bump against Russian military might. However, the media is deliberating that Canadian warriors are not going to fight with Putin’s soldiers but to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine as well as NATO. The US and NATO forces had been deployed in Ukraine during recent months however their numbers are very nominal. Apparently, the Ukrainian military itself has to face the Russian Army, while western allies will provide air or naval support during the war.

The United States and its NATO allies are preparing to face the furious Russia in the Black Sea and Baltic region while they are also challenging the Chinese military in the Strait of Taiwan and Indo-Pacific waters. As America and NATO have not yet knocked out an opponent of their own talent, therefore they are confused that Russia and China are not like Iraq and Afghanistan. Both rival nations have largest militaries equipped with an abundance of conventional and nuclear weapons, while the west does not avail Pakistan who played the role of frontline state twice for them during the past. So, many like Trudeau are ready to show their presence in the war but searching for someone, who knocks down both rivals for them.

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