Trump asks India for economic support in Afghanistan

F.P. Report

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump warned Pakistan to stop providing the safe heavens to the terrorists which were creating problems for the neighboring countries and US in the region.

Donald Trump said this while announcing his policy regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to report from the White House, the US is planning to send 3900 more troops to Afghanistan.

Trump said that my instinct was to pull out from the Afghanistan as we already spent billions of dollars of our taxpayers and thousands of US troops lost their lives in Afghanistan. But after the details discussions with cabinet and Army Generals, we reached to the point the consequences of the immediate exit will not in favor of US and it will provide space for terrorist to fill the blank space.

Trump said that US will remain in Afghanistan but he did not give the exact time frame of US presence and adding that this time, “we will not attack our we attack for win”.

As many as 20 declared terrorists organization are working in Afghanistan and Pakistan which was the highest concern in region of the world and especially when India and Pakistan both are the nuclear power, he added.

President also asked the other countries especially India to support Afghanistan in economic development as it was the major and important country of the region and Indian can be very effective in the economic development of Afghanistan.

Trump criticized Pakistan for providing safe heavens to the terrorists on its soil and adding that Pakistan gain much from partnering with US in the war in Afghanistan and now they have loose much if they continue to provide space to terrorist on its land.

We will never be silent anymore about the Pakistan policy of providing safe heavens to terrorists organization including, Taliban and other groups which is a threat to the region and the world.