Trump calls US election “big lie”

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WASHINGTON DC (RIA Novosti): Former US President Donald Trump said the accusations leveled against him by the current White House owner Joe Biden on the anniversary of the storming of the Capitol are intended to distract public attention from the failures of the current administration and further split the country.
Earlier Thursday, Biden accused his predecessor of trying a year ago to thwart a peaceful transfer of power in the United States, spending hours of inactivity in an unprecedented attack on congressional buildings and weaving a web of lies amid a failure to admit defeat in the 2020 elections.
“Biden, who is destroying our nation with insane policies of open borders, corrupt elections, disastrous approaches to energy, unconstitutional mandates, devastating school closings, has used my name today to try to split America more. This political theater is just an attempt to distract attention from the fact, that Biden has completely and completely failed, “Trump said in a statement.
Former US President Donald Trump called the 2020 presidential election, victorious for Biden, “a big lie.”

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