Trump can hire US audit firm on Pakistan’s expense to verify $33 bn aid: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD (APP): Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump can hire a US-based audit firm on Pakistan’s expense to verify the quoted figure of $33 billion aid to the country, in order to know ‘who is lying and deceiving’.

The Foreign minister shot back at Trump, on social media platform, for the reckless tweet against Pakistan, threatening to cut aid.

“President Trump quoted figure of $33 billion given to Pakistan over 15 years, he can hire a US-based audit firm on our expense to verify this figure and let the world know who is lying and deceiving,” tweeted Asif.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi chaired a meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC)in wake of the allegations by the US president.

On Monday, Pakistan’s Foreign Office summoned US Ambassador David Hale to record a protest over President Trump’s tweet.

“The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools,” Trump had said in the early-morning New Year’s Day tweet.

Khawaja Asif, in a reply to the US president’s tweet earlier also said Pakistan will let the world know the truth and will be responding to Trump’s tweet. He added that there is a difference between facts and fiction.