Trump impeachment on card?

Jalil Afridi

After what happened in Washington DC today, many congress members are discussing whether to impeach President Trump or not. They are of the opinion that if this moment and day was not marked as memorable, it will jeopardize many things which symbolizes America.

There seems to be not a single Republican willing to stand with Trump anymore. I some how had tweeted in the afternoon that today’s Rally was maybe a branding  or goodbye movement for President Trump. I was thinking maybe his brand Trump was given an opportunity to continue with its wealth 

It is confusing as to find out who really pushed the things in manner it made the things turn out the way it did in Washington DC, specially when in later part of the afternoon when many participants started leaving the rally right when President Trump was giving his speech. Somebody must have paid some mobile companies  and digital giants.

Those who have seen rallies and protests around the world, it was interesting for them to note that the telephone signals which were mostly blocked in the perimeters of the rally started working in the middle of President Trump speech. Aren’t telephone lines a very basic blockade thing for governments and agencies to do during protest rallies, specially when there is a chance of violence?
But this day in America has changed the image of democracy making many wonders if they should continue calling somebody a leader who loves his own power more than the power of his country and its institutions.

President Trump has annoyed too many in too little time. When I asked a police officer a few minutes before President Trump speech whether he stretched this morning before coming to work, he seemed so surprised that I was more surprised to see how relaxed he was that on his one side thousand of Trump supporters were walking around to gather and on his other side one gentleman was playing a very loud song on his speakers titled “F… Trump and there were only a few police officers just standing by. This means people with wealth and planning can play and abuse its institutes. Washington DC police is very nice and polite and they were caught off guard and misled by those who they trusted. Institutions were humiliated and there was no remorse from the President in his message after what his supporters did at Capital Hill. A rally which did not have more than one hundred and fifty thousand people, thrashed the hopes and votes of millions of Americans.

This rally had people who were properly trained, had communication equipment and they were paid. Big money was used and it was done by few most influential individuals. President Trump  was not personally involved at what happened at Capital Hill but was for sure aware of what was going to after his speech and  His speech was full of hatred and lies and was Twitted no social media. 
While protecting the first amendment the house which protects the first amendment was attached, vandalized and robbed.

I am getting the feeling that if not tonight, tomorrow President Trump will be impeached and the image of democracy and America will be restored.