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Trump: National Guard should be used in other states before it’s too late

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WASHINGTON: The US has for five days straight been seeing countrywide protests over the death of African-American man George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, forcing some state governors to call in the National Guard to stop the looting, vandalism, and violence.

Trump has praised the actions of the National Guard deployed in Minne-apolis, Minnesota to stop the ongoing riots, suggesting that the force should have been called in earlier.

POTUS highlighted the National Guard’s efforts in shutting down the violent rallies allegedly led by the Antifa movement, whom the president labelled “anarchists”, and suggested that other states should follow Minnesota’s suit and crack down on the group “before it is too late”.

Trump went as far as to announce that Antifa will be designated by the US government as a terrorist organisation, thereby effectively making it illegal on American soil. The president also slammed the work of the “lamestream media”, accusing them of sowing “hatred and anarchy” by spreading “fake news”.

Minneapolis became the cradle of the current protest movement rocking American cities from coast to coast after an African-American Floyd was killed while being detained by local police officers. One of them pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck, despite the man complaining that he “can’t breathe”.

The incident sparked demonstrations against police brutality and negligence regarding the lives of African-Americans, and while some of them have remained peaceful, many have turned into violent riots accompanied by looting and arsons of public and private property.

The spate of violence has forced the mayors of Minneapolis and Los Angeles to call in the National Guard. (Sputnik)

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