Trump says under him, Russia would not dare to “play” with the United States

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Anna Gromova

Former U.S. President Donald Trump said the lies about his ties to Russia, which were spread in the United States, interfered with his work in the White House. The politician also noted that under him, the United States did not have such problems with Russia, China and Iran as it is now. According to Trump, foreign partners do not respect the new US President Biden and his team. Therefore, now other countries dare to aggression and provocations against Washington.
Trump drew attention to the fact that in the United States during his presidential term, false information was disseminated about the politician’s ties with Russia.
“What is the most difficult country you have had to deal with [while working in the White House]: Russia, China, North Korea, Iran?
The most difficult country to deal with is the USA. We have some crazy people who created these falsifications: “Russia, Russia, Rus-sia”. Everything is fabricated, everything is made up,” Trump said at a rally in Arizona.
The ex-president criticized the administration of US President Biden. In his opinion, the new American government cannot win the respect of other countries and successfully compete with them in the international arena. “It’s a lack of respect. We have never <..-.> had any problems with [Russian President Vla-dimir] Putin and Ukraine. [Now] China, Russia and Iran are provoking, showin-g aggression. Previously, t-hey would never have da-red to do this, you yourself saw that [they] did not do this. And now they are pla-ying with us,” Trump said.
He clarified that the current US military representatives are “not the kind of people who will be respected by Russia, China and North Korea.”
During the rally, Trump promised that he would return to the White House in 2024 to “make America great again.”
Trump has previously complained that accusations of collusion with Moscow prevented him from improving relations between US and Russia.
“This [denial of the allegations] took two and a half years, and because of this it was very difficult to interact with some countries, especially with Russia. You know, together we could have something great, good for both the United States and Russia,” Trump said.
The scandal surrounding Trump’s alleged ties to Russia erupted after the American publication BuzzFeed in 2017, when Trump won the presidential race, published the so-called “Steele dossier” (aka “Trump dossier”). It quickly became known that this document was ordered and paid for by Trump’s main rival in the presidential election, the US Democratic Party. The dossier, at the request of the headquarters of the Democrats , was compiled by former British foreign intelligence officer MI6 Christopher Steele. These documents, obtained from various sources, have not been verified or confirmed, BuzzFeed published it without the permission of the author.
The dossier said the Trump team allegedly enlisted covert Russian support during the 2016 election campaign. As part of this collusion, Russian representatives sought to defame the public image of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton , Russia shared negative information about Clinton with Trump’s associates.
The allegations were studied by US Special Attorney Robert Mueller for about two years. In 2019, he said that in fact there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian authorities.
On the one hand, the investigation did reveal attempts by Russian representatives to interfere in the election race, and also determined that the Trump campaign “expected that he would win the election” thanks to the efforts of Russian hackers. But, in the end, Mueller did not find evidence that the Trump headquarters and the Russian authorities somehow coordinated their actions, directly agreed and cooperated in this direction.
After this conclusion of Mueller, American prosecutor John Daren began to study the version of collusion between Trump and Moscow. In particular, he found out that one of Steele’s key sources was Russian Igor Danchenko. In November 2021, he was detained in the United States on charges of making false statements about the Trump dossier. As the investigation of the prosecutor established, Danchenko supplied deliberately false information, for example, he invented some of the information, and received some from a source close to the leadership of the Democratic Party.
At the moment, Danchenko’s case is being studied by the court, the trial has not yet been completed.

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