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Trump uninformed regarding Afghanistan condition: Imran

Written by The Frontier Post

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan has said that US President Donald Trump is unaware of the conditions in Afghanistan and addint that this is the reason why he discouraged leaders from fighting someone else’s war.

Imran Khan was speaking to media persons outside anti-terrorism court on Tuesday. He said that recent statements of US President clearly showed that we need to end someone else’s war and concentrate our own interest.

Now they are blaming us despite that we lost thousands of our soldiers and civilians and billions dollar loss, US leveling baseless allegations which shows the worth of Pakistan US relationship, Imran added.

Imran also lashed out at his political opponent Nawaz Sharif, and said: “Nawaz keeps saying that he was disqualified on the basis of iqama. His FZE company was non-operational, it was being used to send Pakistan’s money abroad. This was just another way of laundering money.”

On the must-speculated visit of Sharif brothers to Saudi Arabia, Imran remarked that the “two brothers should be ashamed of themselves. They have approached another country to hide their theft.”

They are approaching external forces just to save themselves, Imran alleged.


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