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Trump’s former executive manager accused him of racism, anti-Semitism

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NEW YORK: U.S President’s Trump former executive who served him for around 18 years has claimed the president once made her fire a woman for being pregnant. She also accused him of Trump anti-Semitic behaviors as he joked to Jewish businessmen about ‘the ovens’ and banned black people from the lobbies of his buildings. 

Barbara Res, Trumps former executive has accused Donald Trump of racist, sexist and anti-Semitic behavior across the 18 years she worked for him as the construction boss for Trump Tower.

She claims he once showed wrath at her when he saw a black construction worker, building the New York City complex. Trump said “he didn’t want people to think Trump Tower is being built by black people. She also accused Trump for his misogynistic behavior as he many times refused her secretary to attend important meeting because of her looks. Trump also used to publicly humiliate and belittle his then-wife Ivana. Barbara Res has made these claims in her new book “Tower of Lies”. The book will be released on October 20th.The allegations of racism might give massive setback to Trump as the elections are just around the corner and he is trying to seek support of black voters.

In addition, Barbara Res recalled the incidents when Trump showed wrath on Black men because them being “Black”. She said Trump shouted at her to get rid of a black man working on the construction site of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.   He said, “Get him off there right now”, “And don’t ever let that happen again”.

‘I don’t want people to think that Trump Tower is being built by black people’, Trump said.

In a separate incident, Trump was reportedly outraged when a young black job applicant came into the lobby of one of his buildings for a job interview.   Trump said to Barbara, “Barbara, I don’t want black kids sitting in the lobby where people come to buy million-dollar apartments”.   

The details of Trump’s alleged racist behavior come as racial equality is at the centre of the attention of voters in the upcoming election. Protests have been doing nationwide protests demanding an end to systemic racism and reform to law enforcement following multiple cop killings of black men and women across U.S. On the other hand, Trump has many times called the pro-BLM protestors as “left wing mobs”. He has also encourages to use force against these protestors.

She also claimed Trump being extremely anti-Semitic, Res recounts a time Trump allegedly made jokes about the gas chambers to Jewish executives in reference to a German colleague. 

Barbara recalled that Trump hired a German residential manager because his heritage made him “especially clean and orderly.” The future president then joked in front of Jewish executives that “this guy still reminisces about the ovens, so you guys better watch out for him,” she wrote. One of the most shocking allegations about to his treatment to women, made by Barbara Res is that he forced her to fire a woman because she was pregnant. 

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