Tunisian political crisis and rule of influential

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According to the media, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Tunis on Saturday in opposition to a referendum on a new constitution called by President Kais Saied that will probably cement his hold on power. The protestors were waving Tunisian flags during the march on Capital’s Kasbah Square while chanting slogans against the sitting President and his government .

The Republic of Tunisia has become a hub of chaos, political unrest and constitutional disarray after the most power men of the country started campaign to consolidate his power, while opposition parties and adjucaters had set course to fail his dictatorial democracy through mobilization of public and media. The Country hit a political crisis when incumbent President Kais Saied dissolved the elected parliament and seized executive power in July 2021. The sole ruler of African nation had issued several executive orders to consolidate his rule including dismissal of the parliament, termination of the Country’s Supreme Judicial Council, ouster of judges and announcement of referendum to introduce new constitution of the country.

President Kais Saied tactfully ousted his opponents from their seats on fake charges of sedition, corruption and terrorism financing and vowed to overhaul the national economy and politics through introduction of a new constitution after the referendum scheduled to be held on July 26. According to reports, Kais proclaims to stand up to elite forces whose bungling and corruption have rocked Tunisia to a decade of political paralysis and economic stagnation, while opposition parties term him a dictator who grabbed power through a coup. According to opposition, Saied and his colleagues seek to hold on to the centers of powers, intend to establish a one-man rule and want to entrench dictatorship in the name responsible democracy.

Whereas, global economic crisis and internal political instability has further deteoriated already fragile economy of Tunisia while scarcity of resources and rising inflation have created a famine like situation in the country. Both treasury and the opposition have ramped up their battle for power while no one care for gloominess of the public, as masses are a mere stairs for politicians to reach high offices. Apparently, nature has vested miseries in abundance to the North African nation, however their leaders have a great share in multiplying their sufferings and dissolutions.

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