Turkey looks to find better agricultural practices to save water

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ISTANBUL (Agencies): As a drought risk looms in Turkey, authorities are scrambling to find solutions to the problems being exacerbated by climate change and excess use of water.

Turkey is aiming to modernize its irrigation systems and agriculture in line with the national water policy, said the country’s forestry and agriculture minister on Tuesday.

Water use in agriculture is being rearranged in order to reduce the negative effects of climate change and drought, a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry quoted Bekir Pakdemirli as saying. Keeping in mind the current insufficient groundwater and other water constraints, the ministry is looking at measures to promote crops with low water consumption in the hopes of replacing high water consumption crops, such as corn. “Taking into account climate change and drought conditions, we have accelerated our efforts to promote water-saving modern irrigation systems,” said Pakdemirli.

Models are being created to reduce groundwater use and increase the production of plants that consume less water, the minister underlined, adding that products that are suitable for the climatic conditions of the regions and that consume less water will be encouraged.

“With the completion of important infrastructure works in irrigation, such as in-field development services, and a transition to closed irrigation systems, a very high level of saving will be achieved in irrigation water,” he said. “Irrigation management technologies for the effective use of water in agriculture will be given priority in the future. The more we prioritize technology and innovation, the faster we will secure our future.”

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