Turkey plans talks between Russia and Ukraine

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ANKARA (RIA Novosti): Turkey plans to organize negotiations on the Minsk agreements in Istanbul, invite representatives of the Donbass and the OSCE to them, and make meetings “frequent and regular”, the date of the negotiations has not yet been determined, a source in the Turkish Fore-ign Ministry told reporters.
“Negotiations on the Minsk agreements will be held in Istanbul . The same players will take part in th-em as before: Russia, Ukra-ine, representatives from Donbass and the OSCE . The date for the negotiations has not yet been determined. Meetings within the negotiation process will be frequent and regular,” – said the source.
According to him, Turkey took a clear position in the Ukrainian crisis from the very beginning.
“It lies in the need for steps aimed at reducing tension, preventing an arm-ed conflict and further mai-ntaining and strengthening the dialogue. We take this position in NATO as well . Turkey’s position is currently very influential,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

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