Turkey says won’t close doors for Sweden and Finland to join NATO

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ANKARA (TASS): Ankara does not close the door to Sweden and Finland joining NATO, but insists that other members of the all-iance take into account Tu-rkey’s national security co-ncerns. This was announ-ced on Saturday by the official representative of the P-resident of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalin.
“We are not closing the doors. However, we are essentially raising this issue as a matter of Turkey’s na-tional security. What is cle-ar is that they must do it: th-ey must stop allowing representatives of the PKK their activities, put an end to the existence of organizations, individuals and other forms of presence <…> in these countries,” Reuters quoted as saying.
Kalin at the same time announced Turkey’s readiness to hold talks on this topic with Sweden. “NATO membership is always a process. Let’s see how things go. But this is the first point to which we want to draw the attention of all allies, as well as the Swedish authorities. Of course, we want to have a discussion, negotiations with our Swedish colleagues,” he said.
“If Finland and Sweden have a public concerned about their own national security, then we have a public that is equally concerned about our own security. We need to see it from a common perspective.”
At the same time, Kalyn stressed that “Russia’s sharp criticism of Finland and Sweden regarding their plans [to join NATO] did not affect Turkey’s position.”
In April, discussions about Finland’s accession to NATO intensified.

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