Turkey's enemies have been all unmasked after the failed coup attempt

Turkey’s enemies have been all unmasked after the failed coup attempt

Selçuk  Türkyılmaz

A bloody coup was attempted in Turkey four years ago, and it resulted in failure. We have important information regarding the masterminds who planned it and the power centers supporting them. There may be certain matters that we are still in the dark about regarding the events of the night of July 15, 2016, however, there is no ambiguity in regarding the general event. Yet, despite being very well-informed about the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)’s formation stages, numerous operations and goals, it cannot be said that certain uncertainties regarding its past and future have been eliminated. The presence of very powerful centers that are strengthening the uncertainties related to the organization and distorting the reality in efforts to cause confusion is an indication that the mention of the development of similar organizations and goals is not irrelevant. This is due to the fact that on the night of July 15, 2016, obvious from the developing incidents that they put both Turkey and the nearby region on the target board. They attempted to stage a coup and failed to succeed.

Turkey was never a colony country. This is very important for us. Turkey has not colonized itself either. These are not statements made out of valor. One other important matter needs to be specified: Our institutions were all national, but they tried to take over them from within. The devshirmehs (forcibly recruited soldiers) were planted to achieve this. They tried to gain control over our institutions through them. The devshirmeh infiltrated our institutions in aims to take control over them and destroy these institutions’ identity. The establishment of dependent structures was critical in achieving this. In order to strengthen the dependent structures, they used secularism and religion simultaneously and weakened institutions from within. Though they made efforts to infiltrate our institutions and take control from within, the national characteristic of these institutions was the greatest obstacle standing these dependent structures faced. Hence, they realized they would soon be neutralized and discharged. They too knew that they were leaning on an incidental reality. Thus, this paved the way for the coup attempt.

They failed, which led to the collapse of the already-changing balances with a strong earthquake. Despite experiencing a process that affected our entire region after July 15, we are seeing that moral concepts such as corruption, competence, and worthiness are used very often. It needs to be accepted that since the dependent structures in question are networked, individuals are defenseless and institutions are susceptible to influence. Their efforts to direct public opinion should be seen as a continuation of these networking activities. The acceleration of the purging of dependent organization elements within national institutions after July 15 also gave rise to the frequent use of certain moral concepts. This shows that religious values were intensely exploited after July 15 as they had been in the past. For them, religion and morality are means to an end.

When the people’s will won, all the values throughout the region changed. The regional nature of the problems that were considered local clearly came to the forefront with this change and its impact across the region. It used to be assumed that elements involved in the coup attempt in Turkey would not feel any affinity to the logic represented by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. However, developments proved the opposite. If a change is transpiring following the people’s foil of a coup attempt, then it cannot be said that the problems emerging are local. There is a need for new concepts in order to identify such a powerful change. We owe this great change to the national will, which is at least as worthy as the change itself.

The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is an example of a dependent structure that needs to be discussed in the category of new religious movements. As it has been based on secrecy, its collapse will take time. Though it has lost its influence in Turkey, it is gaining power again in Europe and the U.S. It is clear that this will have an impact throughout the region as well. Similarly, it is anticipated that it will attempt destructive operations through its extensions within the country. It needs to be seen that it is trying to recreate itself across the region as well. As seen in Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, dependent structures are also forming unions among themselves. The efficiency of foreign structures formed throughout the region should be taken seriously.

The fight that continued until dawn that night revealed the mystery over the destructive operations that have been ongoing secretly for a century and the dirty power groups. From now on we are fighting against clear-cut enemies. There is no need for fear and concern.

Courtesy: (Yenisafak)

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