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Turkish Defense Minister says Ankara will not let warships into the Black Sea

Written by The Frontier Post

ANKARA (TASS): Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi A-kar said that Ankara is committed to the rules of the Montreux Convention and will not let warships into t-he Black Sea. He also did not rule out the intent of the appearance of drifting min-es in the Black Sea, including as part of a possible p-lan to put pressure on Ank-ara in order to let NATO warships through the Bosp-horus into the Black Sea basin.
“We have a suspicion that the mines were deliberately introduced. Perhaps they were fired as part of some plan to put pressure on us in order to let NATO minesweepers [through the straits] into the Black Sea. But we are committed to t-he rules of the Montreux [Convention] and do not we will let the warships into the Black Sea, just as we will not allow the Black Sea to be drawn into the war,” CNN Turk quoted the Minister on Sunday.
Akar noted that the Turkish side is investigating the appearance of mines in the Black Sea. At the same time, he added that their exact number is still unknown, and according to media reports, there are ab-out 400 of them. “We don’t know who left them. We know that they are Russian-made, but we understand which country left them,” said the minister.
The Public Relations Center of the FSB reported on March 19 that mines installed by the Ukrainian Navy on the approaches to ports in the Black Sea could drift towards the Bosphorus due to cable breaks. In late March – early April, drifting mines were found three times off the coast of Turkey, all of them were destroyed.

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