Turkish speedboat crash kills British woman, injures 5

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LONDON (Agencies): A boat crash in Turkey has killed a British woman and injured five, including her husband.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when the speedboat the British couple were riding in crashed into a water taxi near the southern resort of Marmaris.

Witnesses said the collision occurred because the captain of the speedboat was distracted “while fixing his hair,” the Daily Mail reported on Friday.

CCTV footage captured the moment the boat crashed into the larger water taxi, which was stationary at the time, in front of the five-star Elegance Hotel.

The taxi was due to travel to the town of Turunc 5 miles down the coast. Photos taken of the speedboat on the shore showed extensive damage caused by the impact.

Turkish media outlet Super Haber suggested that the speedboat captain, who is being investigated for manslaughter, was not registered with the coast guard and did not have a valid license to operate the vehicle.

The husband of the victim was reported to have been left in a critical condition, but is said to be in a stable condition in a local hospital.

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