Türkiye’s 1st Caretta caretta nest of year under protection

ISTANBUL (IHA): The first sea turtle egg of the year was laid on Dalyan Iztuzu Beach, which is under protection as a threatened species due to human threats, where Caretta caretta sea turtles lay their eggs for breeding.

Iztuzu Beach is the most important breeding ground for Caretta caretta sea turtles, also known as loggerhead turtles, and the areas where turtles lay their eggs on the beach are marked and protected by the Sea Turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (DEKAMER).

In 2022, about 12,000 hatchlings hatched from the eggs found in 438 nesting areas, but very few of them will reach adolescence. The first Caretta caretta sea turtle egg nest of 2023 was immediately protected by DEKAMER officials after being detected.

“The First Nest! Today, the first nest of the season was detected and protected by our team on Dalyan Beach, as it has been for years. We hope it will be a beautiful season for both turtles and turtle lovers,” DEKAMER shared on social media.