Turkmenistan allows transit transportation of Tajik goods

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DUSHANBE (Monitoring Desk): The Turkmen authorities have allowed the transport of Tajik goods through their territory after a 2.5-year ban.

“At present, suppliers can carry out the transportation of goods to Tajikistan or in the opposite direction through the territory of Turkmenistan,” the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tatarstan told Asia-Plus.

However, according to a representative of the Ministry of Transport, this can be done under certain conditions: a Turkmen driver will drive a truck from one point on the border to another. Financial issues with Turkmen drivers are decided by the freight carriers themselves.

That is, in fact, it turns out that each truck must have two drivers, on both sides of the Turkmen border.

The ministry claims that some Tajik cargo carriers have already started transit traffic using this method.

The Ministry of Transport associates these conditions with the measures taken by the Turkmen side to prevent the spread of coronavirus in this country.

However, the carriers with whom Asia-Plus was able to talk, said that they had not yet decided what to do: to continue transporting goods from / to the Middle East (Iran, Turkey and some Arab countries) along the route Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-Caspian Sea- Azerbaijan or accept the new conditions and restore transportation along the old route through Turkmen-istan, which greatly reduces the length of the road.

Note that at the moment, the delivery of goods from China to Tajikistan is carried out approximately according to this method: a Chinese driver delivers the goods in a sealed container to the Kulma checkpoint, where the control of the truck is transferred to the Tajik driver.

Recall that Turkmenistan suspended the passage of transport with Tajik goods through its territory in early February 2019.

The Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan then said that they did not know the reason for the Turkmen demarche, since they did not receive an answer to this question from their Turkmen colleagues.

However, unofficial sources claim that the “bone of contention” in Tajik-Turkmen relations was allegedly the Tajik country’s refusal to build the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway after the warming of Tajik-Uzbek relations.

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