TV Actress Minal Khan gives shut-up call to trolls

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KARACHI: Pakistani television actress Minal Khan had a difficult week after it was revealed by internet users that she had stolen Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story and put it under her own name.

She became popular on social media, where people were making fun of her and exposing her for fabricating a lifestyle

Now Minal posted another story on her Instagram story. Netizens pointed out that it was taken from Pinterest. Minal Khan gave a shut up call to the trolls and said:

“It’s my Instagram I will post whatever I like. And it’s my life I will live however I like. Yes I have Pinterest and many other apps. Yes I like these kind of pictures. And yes I will keep posting. Can you do something about it? I will wait bro”

Minal then posted another picture from Pinterest with a message to Chill Out.

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