TV host Nida Yasir faces brutal humiliation in front of Sania Saeed

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The most celebrated television host, Nida Yasir has made it her mission to continuously amuse, entertain and brighten up the day of anyone who might come in contact with her. This time the Pakistani star has shed light on how easily humiliation episodes can occur due to misunderstandings.

During an engrossing show, Nida Yasir shared the most mortifying incident of her existence which had taken place while in conversation with renowned actress Sania Saeed.

So Nida Yasir went to a location for an interview and she decided to take her son along who was just newly born.

When Sania saw Nida’s son, she was delighted and she reached towards her bag in order to take something out.

However clueless Nida Yasir thought that the actress is intending to give her son some money which is why she has started searching her bag.

Therefore Nida stopped Sania from giving money to her son but it turns out that Sania took out a gajra (flowers) from her bag and not the ‘cash’ which Nida was thinking she was reaching for.