Two arrested after one suspect’s DNA matches in Asma murder case

F.P. Report

MARDAN: Two suspects were arrested after one DNA matched on Tuesday in murder and rape case related to minor girl named Asma.

After receiving the forensic report sent to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police by Punjab government, raids were conducted in which policemen arrested two suspected men.

Sources told that one of the arrested suspects is family relative of the minor. Both suspects are below 30 and have been transferred to an unknown location.

The law enforcement officials are interrogating the suspects alleged of raping and murdering Asma.

Out of the 145 DNAs collected within the vicinity of 2-3 kilometers radius of the incident in Mardan, only one matched. The development has been unearthed by forensic lab sources but the name of the offender has not been revealed yet.

The final report will be compiled and sent to the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan along with KP government and government of Pakistan. SC had remarked dissatisfaction over the progress in the Asma murder case earlier today where KP authorities were summoned.

The four-year-old had gone missing on January 14 in Mardan’s Gujar Garhi area, and her dead body was found from sugarcane fields near her home on January 15 after rape.

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