Two persons claim appointed as Balkh UDLD head

MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): Two persons claim to have been appointed as head of the Urban Development and Land Department (UDLD) of northern Balkh province, it emerged on Tuesday. Eng. Sher Shah Hotak claims he had been appointed to the post through a decree from President Ashraf Ghani as head of Balkh UDLD.

Two days back, Eng. Sher Shah Hotak was officially introduced to the department But now Eng. Dilawar Mazari claims he has been appointed officially to the UDLD post and that he has submitted his appointment letter to the Balkh Governor Office.

Mazari said his appointment was supported by an official letter and signature of the Urban Development and Land minister. He stressed he should be introduced to the post. He accused the governor’s office of discriminatory behaviour and added they did not want him to be introduced as head of the UDLD.

“I have official letter signed by the Urban Development Minister and the secretary of the ministry, they have appointed me but the Balkh Governor Office introduced another person,” he said. Meanwhile, Eng. Sher Shah Hotak claimed he possessed presidential order in support of his document.

“I have a letter signed by President Ashraf Ghani. All knows that first and second grade officers are appointed by the president and another point is that Balkh Governor Office has introduced me to the post officially. Now the story has ended and I am officially head of the department.” GhulamSakhiLala, a member of the Balkh Provincial Council, said the post had become disputed between the two candidates and the issue must be resolved legally. Balkh Governor Mohammad FarhadAzeemi said Eng. Sher Shah Hotak has been appointed as head of the UDLD through a presidential order.

He said following the presidential order, the Administrative Affairs Department directed the Governor Office to introduce Hotak as head of the UDLD. He said the Governor Office implemented the decree and introduced Hotak as head of the aforementioned department. He said after the introduction of Hotak, Mazari brought a letter of his appointment as head of the same department. He added after the issue turned controversial, they sought help from the MoUDL.