U S deployment of patriot missiles against Iran in the time pandemic

M. Abuzar Khan

The COVID-19 has generated a precarious situation for the entire world, both in terms of healthcare and economy. During such a time, the world would expect the United States to lead. We would expect Donald Trump to take an initiative like that of China and fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, the United States is taking this opportune time to bludgeon Iran. President Donald Trump has stationed the Patriot Missiles in Iraq.

It is attempting for Iran to give up its demands regarding the nuclear program, which is likely a clever strategy to bank votes later this year.

Such a move could jeopardize the world’s fight against COVID-19 considering that this could cause oil prices to skyrocket, a situation that would be especially bad for developing economies.

The United States is blaming Iran for spreading terrorism across the region by supporting proxies. Furthermore, Iran is being attacked by United States sanctions. It is now that, due to worsening economic conditions, Iran has requested a loan from the IMF in order to fight COVID-19. But the Foreign Minister of Iran has firmly retorted to the US coercive efforts. He tweeted “Don’t be mislead [sic] by usual warmongers,” and “Iran has FRIENDS: No one can have MILLIONS of proxies. Unlike the US which surreptitiously lies, cheats & assassinates.” The United States should re-examine its priorities during this bleak period in the history of the world and focus on leading the world in the fight against this global pandemic.