U.S should not be concerned about Russia’s actions, Ryabkov

F.P Report

MOSCOW: On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov gave statement over current situation in Ukraine and U.S concerns.

Ryabkov commented on the U.S-Russian dialogues on the matter of Ukraine, he said that Moscow and Washington maintain high-level dialogue on the situation in Ukraine.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister commented that “We maintain contacts with the Americans. It is done at a high level. The Americans tell us about their concerns.”

Emphasizing that U.S should not be concerned about Russia’s actions he said “They should better be concerned not about Russia’s actions but rather about Kiev’s inadmissible behavior, as it not only dodges implementation of the Minsk Package of Measures but rejects these agreements in an ever provoking manner.”

He further remarked that “If our American colleagues attend to this problem, it will really help stabilize the situation. And we are doing what we think necessary on our, Russian, territory. And no American signals have anything to do with that. I would say, we totally ignore these signals”.