UAE calls on UN to stop interfering in Arab affairs

NEW YORK (RIA Novosti): The UAE demanded that the UN put an end to external interference in the affairs of the Arab world, said during a speech at the UN General Assembly, UAE Foreign Minister Khalifa Shahinr al-Marar. His speech was broadcast on the UN website.
“The country’s efforts to end conflicts in the Arab world will not be crowned with success without stopping external interference in Arab affairs, especially in Syria, Libya and Yemen ,” the minister said.
According to him, these interventions are the cause of instability in the region and the world.
At the same time, he noted the need to reach an understanding with Iran , which the UAE and other Arab countries accuse of interfering in the affairs of the region, in order to overcome all regional and international friction, stating that it is impossible to ignore Iran’s development of a ballistic missile program.
Foreign Minister Khalifa Shahinr al-Marar called on Iran to end its occupation of the three islands it had seized from the UAE, demanding that Iran go to direct negotiations with the Emirates on the fate of the islands or transfer the decision on their belonging to international authorities.