UBG flays govt for unprecedented hike in power and gas tariffs

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The United Business Group (UBG) leader and former senator, Ilyas Ahmad Bilour has flayed the government for the unprecedented increase in prices of electricity, gas and petroleum and current ‘price-hike’, what he called it as a punishment for giving vote to PTI and depriving poor masses from bread and butter.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Mr Bilour said after ruining the country’s economy, Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi is darely making false promises with masses that everything will get well soon.

The UBG leader criticized those people made fake promises to build 5 million houses, provide 10million jobs, employment and setting up new industrial units in the country, which is big slapped on face of PM Imran Niazi. He said the PM Imran Khan and his team should show clemency with poverty stricken masses and to immediate step-down and to hold fresh elections in the country.

The country’s leading businessmen noticed the gas tariff has increased by 100 per cent while electricity rate is being surging up by Rs2 per unit on monthly basis. He said the Karachi Interbank Offered Rate (Kibor) was remained 6 per cent in previous successive governments, which has been escalated to 12.15 per cent in present PTI regime.

The former senator observed that the US dollar has also surged up from 110 to 150. He furthermore castigated said Langar Khana’s (suop kitchen) are being inaugurating by closing down factories in the country.

Instead of providing jobs to poor people, he said the shelter facility is being provided for which PM Imran Niazi and company giving message to people that country’s is progressing under their leadership, which clear evidence of PTI led government failure.

The UBG leader said the government, working under pressure of IMF and WB is no concern with masses problems. Now, he said government is preparing to impose fresh Rs200billion on poor masses, which could be completely erased them.

While commenting on statement of federal minister, Hammad Azhar, in which he is declared that prices of electricity and gas are good, Mr Bilour said it is emerging that government want to accomplish its nefarious agenda by putting the country’s integrity on stake, which repercussions will be detrimental.

How long PM Imran Niaiz, the mast of U –turn deceives masses by his false promises, the UBG leader asked. He said the country’s economy policies will go on right direction until resignation of the State Bank of Pakistan Governor and Deputy Governor, which were appointed on dictation of IMF. He said such worst government was never rule in history of the country.

He hoped that people will soon get rid from present rulers.