UK is fighting covid. And “Christmas” is not an assistant here

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Kirill Grishin
The UK has banned the use of the word “Christmas” in actions aimed at preventing the next coronavirus crisis, they say, it will offend the feelings of religious minorities. They also want to involve influential bloggers so that students returning for holidays take a COVID test.
It is no longer possible to mention the term “Christmas” in antiquity events in Britain. Officials fear that this use of the word would offend the feelings of religious minorities. Although representatives of various confessions indicate that they are waiting for this holiday and share, to a certain extent, the family meaning of the celebration. The British tabloids became aware of the initiative to introduce the ban.
In working e-mails that leaked to the media (if, again, they are to be believed), Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced tightening travel restrictions and the introduction of new masking rules in order to combat the spread of the new omicron strain. The rules themselves take effect on November 30th. This is a reaction to the cases of infection with a new strain, imported from South Africa, discovered in England.
The swabs taken from these people are now being examined at the AstraZenica and Pfizer laboratories, as well as at the Porton Down laboratory.
As follows from the correspondence, as one of the antiquated measures, the ministers allegedly proposed an information campaign. It took a long time to agree on its name: parliamentarians, apparatchiks and experts were hacked in verbal battles. And it seems that it was decided to call it “Do not bring COVID home for Christmas.” But in the end, the campaign was not approved.
Meanwhile, the Cabinet has come up with a seemingly creative move: using social media influencers on platforms such as TikTok to urge students who want to go home to Britain at the end of the semester to get tested for COVID before they go. How many bloggers will be unfastened for such social advertising is not reported. But it would be useful to take these costs into account in the estimate. Otherwise, the campaign may stall without starting. No 10-million blo-gger can squeeze out a wo-rd for free. Officials, apparently, will rely on conscientiousness.
The British themselves are now, perhaps, more co-ncerned about the question of where to get a turkey for Christmas. Because a shortage of this product is brewing. The reason is as simple as the world – a lack of labor, said the local poultry industry union. What a holiday without a turkey? Is there a chicken? Not that, of course.

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