UK needs bonking Boris

Jon Gaunt

This confected row about Boris Johnson’s use of a metaphor of a suicide vest to sum up Theresa May’s capitulation to the EU is an absolute load of nonsense. Boris is 100 percent correct to say that “We have wrapped a suicide vest around the British constitution and handed the detonator to Michel Barnier.”

The reaction from the assorted no marks and fellow traitors in the Tory party led by Sir Alan Duncan (how the hell did he get knighted?) who is threatening to end Boris’s political career is just another strand of the Get Boris Betray Britain Campaign. The allegations that Number 10 released a dossier on Boris’ peccadillos is alarming and the reaction of a Leader in a tailspin. However, to be honest I don’t care whether or nor Boris can keep it in his trousers as long as he gets us out or withdraws us from the EU, do you?

In short, I would rather have a bonking Boris is Number Ten than a bonkers PM who is completely delusional like Theresa May.

I ran a little poll on my Twitter and Facebook asking who people would prefer as leader and although I accept that Social Media can be an echo chamber the results were pretty damming for Theresa May. On Twitter I had over 6 thousand votes and it was 90 percent in favour of Boris and on Facebook I had over 5 thousand votes with 97 percent wanting Boris. It looks to me as if Theresa may is toast.

Another strand of the Get Boris, Betray Britain Campaign was the “leaked” document that says top Cops are planning for civil disobedience and riots and may even need to deploy troops on the streets if there is a no deal on Brexit!

Sajid Javid say there is no need for the public to be alarmed and perhaps that is so but in his position as Home Secretary he should be alarmed because the real threat isn’t if there is a no deal but rather the real threat is if the British People are betrayed by Theresa May and her Establishment cronies.

The appearance of Javid on Andrew Marr and this leaked document on riots is all part of Operation Fear 2. They talk about riots happening because of traffic jams at Dover, shortage of food, labour and even medicine and it is all poppycock. However, they are correct to fear that people are getting angry because they are. However, what the people are really angry about is the fact that we have had to wait two bloody years from this half-baked exit to get anywhere.

And it is not just the people getting angry evidently up to 80 Tory M.P.s are planning to vote against Theresa May’s Chequers plan.  Former Brexit Minister, Steve Baker is warning that Theresa the Appeaser risks a catastrophic split in her Party if she persists with the Chequers con trick on Brexit. It is also abundantly clear that the Tory grassroots, just like the rest of the Country, are dead set against this ludicrous plan.

This is why Boris was correct to use the suicide belt analogy and he is right today to move on and start to talk about the UK employing Donald Trump-style tax cuts in a bid to catch up with the economic growth being enjoyed in the States.

Bonking Boris believes income tax, stamp duty and capital gains tax should all be slashed which is attractive to me and millions of voters and not just traditional Tories. The MSM are talking about a civil war in the Tory party but they are wrong. There is just a tiff in number ten and in the cabinet but whether Theresa and “Sir” Alan like it or not Boris is by far the Party’s favourite to lead the Party.

A dream team of him, Jacob Rees Mogg as Chancellor, David Davies back in charge of Brexit with Nigel Farage (why hasn he been knighted when Little Alan has?) as a special advisor to the EU negotiations and as an USA envoy would be a killer combination which would not only ensure we get the Brexit we voted for but also would put some pride back in to the UK.

I have had enough of the remoaners in the Commons and Lords, in the Police, Big Business, and in particular that bloody Canadian in the Bank of England talking down our great country. I believe we will flourish as an independent sovereign nation and so do 17.4 million others who voted for it and who will be very angry if it is not delivered.

This is where the real threat of violence and riots comes from when the elite do not or refuse to see the writing on the wall. I thought the referendum would give them a metaphorical bloody nose and that they would at last respect the will of the people but no they have dithered, delayed and in the case of May lied to stop us having the Brexit we wanted.

Can they not see the rise of populism that voted in Trump into Office in the USA, that elected hardliners on immigration in Italy and now with the Swedish election results giving the controlling power to the Swedish Democrats?

They half see all of this, but then they immediately talk about the rise of the Far Right. Hoping that this repeated rhetoric will put most people off voting for these groups but I am afraid to tell these deluded fools that the complete opposite is true. At their core people are nationalists not globalists and they have immense pride in their own country whether they be American, British, Italian or Swedish and the political elite ignore this at their peril.

Let’s also put into the mix the news that Gerard Batten is putting forward a proposal that the Rules of UKIP should be changed to allow Tommy Robinson to become a member of the Party and this should really alarm these fools. UKIP under Batten have risen in the polls and have now eclipsed the Lib Dems (no wonder with that other old Sir in charge) and with Tommy on the platform I am convinced they would break the magical 10 percent level and be in a position, as they were with Cameron, to force the Conservatives hand on certain issues.

For the record I do not believe that Tommy Robinson is a racist, I am on the record as saying he was wrong to act in contempt of court but his imprisonment was undoubtedly a political sentence. Many people share his views on both unlimited and unfettered immigration and on the Pakistani rape gangs and I would suggest that a very large majority of the general public of all political persuasions hold the same views. This does not make them racist, this makes them realists in my opinion.

These people, as Neil Anderson from Migration watch said on my Sputnik radio show on Friday, are angry as they know that they, “the British public have consistently said over the last 20 years they don’t want mass immigration,” but the Politicians ignored them. Neil is also bang on the money to warn that, “If our democracy is to survive then our elected officials need to respond to the will of the people and the will of the people has been clear for a very long-time migration levels are too high and they need to come down.”

This present crisis over Brexit is a crisis of the Elites own making, just as the immigration crisis is too. I would even go further and say the both the murder epidemic that is sweeping the nation and indeed the Pakistani rape gangs are also products of our political class’s failure to grab the nettle of difficult issues preferring instead to shout down everyone else who does dare to question this nonsense as a bigot or a racist. They have effectively shut down dissent and free speech on subjects such as mass rape, immigration, cultural savagery such as FGM and Halal and even terrorism where we are instructed to not look back in anger and light candles whilst singing Kumbaya.

The net result of this establishment cowardice will be riots on the street, so the police (what’s left of them after Theresa May’s cuts) are right to prepare for riots and civil unrest but it won’t be because we are short of wine, bread, BMW’s or even medicine it will be because we are short of real British Political leadership. That is why the time for posturing is over. Boris you need to strike hard and strike now. Force Theresa out of office. Your country needs you and demands that you act before we lose our country for ever.


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