Ukraine approves plan for integration into NATO

KIEV (TASS): The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved an action plan for the implementation of the Communication Strategy on the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration for the period until 2025. The corresponding decision was made by the government on Wednesday at a meeting.
The plan, in particular, provides for the creation of a special commission on coordination and implementation of the strategy, the formation of an analytical digest and its distribution among the embassies of the alliance member states and Ukrainian officials, training of civil servants on the topic of Euro-Atlantic integration.
The document also states that all state bodies, covering the NATO issue, should be guided by a “unified approach”. In addition, the media and bloggers will be involved in covering alliance-related topics. The document contains a clause on the formation of a “positive perception” of the topic of Ukraine’s joining NATO in society. The NATO theme will also be present in schools. The plans of the events stipulate the conduct of lessons and educational hours on the topic of NATO for schoolchildren. In August 2021, President of Ukraine Zelenskyy signed a decree “On a communication strategy on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration for the period until 2025.”
At a summit in Bucharest in April 2008, the North Atlantic Alliance adopted a political statement that “Ukraine and Georgia will eventually become NATO members”, but refused to provide both countries with a Membership Action Plan.