Ukraine militarism campaign

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Defense Minister of Ukraine, Alexei Reznikov has said that he would do everything for operationalization of Ukraine’s anti-ship missile systems “Neptune” on the southern border of the country as soon as possible. According to him, the anti-ship complex is in service with the Ukrainian Navy, however it has not been operationalized so far, therefore the Ukrainian Defence Ministry is working hard to accelerate the construction of a naval base in the city of Berdyansk. While taking full account of Ukraine’s military buildup, Reznikov told the media that the Ukraine government intends to strengthen the overall capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy through induction of latest state of the art weaponry being acquired from NATO allies including United States, Turkey, UK and others.

Ukraine, a black Sea East European nation, is in a warlike situation in Donbas region where pro-Russia separatist forces have been fighting with Ukrainian military over the last several years. Beside this foreign supported insurgency, Ukraine is facing serious threat and intimidation from the Putin regime in Russia since the anti-Russia Ukrainian revolution in the country during 2014. In fact, the installation of a pro-western government in Kiev led to the Russia- Ukraine conflict and rise of insurgency in Donbas region of Ukraine. The Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal appointed incumbent Defence Minister Oleykisy Reznikov with the sole objective of beefing up Ukraine’s defence in the face of belligerent Russia. Presently, UK, USA, Turkey, and EU are providing significant military hardware including warships, submarines, armed drones, and other lethal equipment to strengthen the defense of their potential NATO ally. Ukraine had signed a strategic defence framework with the United States in August 2021 to strengthen its military muscles and to secure Washington’s support in any future conflict with Russia. According to reports, the United States will provide highly sophisticated weaponry to Ukraine including a global automated targeting system (ATS-Global) to deter Russian aggression. In fact, belligerent Russia had left no room for Ukraine except total submission in front of Moscow, however Kiev western allies had played the role of a savior of Kiev in the face of existential threat from Moscow. 

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