Ukraine turns into Somalia

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Vladimir Kornilov

“Territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities” is a cliche term that was used during the eight years of the war in Donbass and is used quite often now when journalists are trying to explain to their readers exactly where certain events are taking place. However, this definition is now less and less true. Chaotization, panic, uncontrolled distribution of weapons gradually led to the fact that in different cities, towns, and individual units of Ukrainian combat formations, some kind of order and controllability was finally lost.
“Where are our authorities?” – such a question was heard from the lips of ordinary Ukrainians on the first day of the special operation. Now this question is being asked less and less, since even the most ardent patriots have no hopes for the Ukrainian authorities. There is a complete loss of signs of statehood as such.
A tragic but very revealing example of this is the mysterious murder in Kiev of financier Denis Kireev, who a few days ago represented Ukraine in negotiations with Russia on a peace settlement. And now he is shot in the center of Kyiv. Some say that Kireev was killed “during the arrest by the SBU” as a suspect in treason, someone claims that he was executed in a demonstrative manner. And the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine added to all these versions a completely shocking statement that Kireev was a “scout” and “died while pe-rforming special assignments.” What gives rise to thoughts about the beginn-ing of a war of annihilation between the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine is another inevitable sign of the loss of statehood.
Whichever of these versions is true, in any case, the question arises: with whom in Ukraine can one negotiate something, if any negotiator can then be publicly shot or hanged? But t-he representatives of the K-iev regime no longer hide t-he use of extrajudicial repr-isals and executions. For example, NSDC Secretary Aleksey Danilov directly threatened opposition depu-ties with murder on the spot.
And how much enthusiasm was expressed in connection with the execution of Volodymyr Struk, the mayor of the town of Kremennaya (part of the Lugansk People’s Republic, still under Ukrainian occupation). The day before, he was detained by people in camouflage, and then found with signs of torture and a bullet in his head (just like in the case of Kireev). The killers don’t really hide. But again, the reaction of representatives of the Kiev regime is indicative. Assistant Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko expresses clear satisfaction with the assassination, describing it as “shot by unknown patriots as a traitor under martial law.” We repeat, this is not written by a field commander, but by an adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs!
A similar reaction followed from the odious People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharenko, who also supported the liquidation of the “traitor” and promised to continue the elimination of objectionable people. This is already coming from a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Something is not visible angry reaction of either this body, or the ECHR, or numerous human rights structures. They pretend not to notice anything.
According to the official representative of the Peo-ple’s Militia of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, more than 300,000 “trunks” have now been distributed uncontrollably in Ukraine. Who, wh-ere and how uses this wea-pon, no one can say. Com-menting on these data, the writer and political scientist Nikolai Starikov stated: “Zelensky turned his country into Somalia in a week.”
Horrifying footage of street massacres of people declared “marauders”, “thieves” and “agents of Russia” instantly became commonplace. Ordinary people with sadistic pleasure participate in the lynching of unfortunate people tied to trees or poles, without even understanding in particular what they are guilty of and whether they are guilty at all. It is possible that one of these victims, on the contrary, tried to prevent looting by the so-called therodefense (originally, this was the name of the territorial defense detachments, but now this term is increasingly deciphered as “terrorist defense”), for which he was punished. The police, at best, do not interfere in what is happening, and at worst, directly participate in the massacres or encourage them.
At the same time, Western journalists try to “not notice” anything like this. Everyone knows numerous cases when nationalist formations or the same bandits from the “terodefense” shot at cars with civilians who wanted to escape from besieged cities and go to safe places. Take, for example, the wild story when the “defenders of Kyiv” shot down a jeep with a family trying to take their children out. “Patriots” mistook him for a car with a “Russian sabotage group.” The special cynicism of the situation is that a couple of days later the Western press published a photograph of a ten-year-old girl who died in this tragedy, with the words: “The Russians killed her.”
Similarly, the British journalists of the Sky News film crew were under fire. At the entrance to the Ukrainian checkpoint near Kiev, their car came under fire – “patriots” are shooting at civilians trying to leave the cities and even more so head towards Russia, without any warning. The rep-orters themselves admit t-hat the territory they were t-raveling through is contro-lled by Ukraine, they were sent there by a Ukrainian police patrol. But Russia is traditionally blamed. The authors came up with a storythat the checkpoint was allegedly occupied by a “Russian sabotage group”. Where she could have come from and, most importantly, where she then disappeared, Sky News journalists decided not to tell the audience. But in the end, they could have clarified this issue with their “liberators”, who turned out to be Ukrainian policemen, who for some reason calmly and without obstacles arrived at this place. A strange “Russian DRG” – it turns out that she occupied a Ukrainian checkpoint only to fire on British reporters and then disappear without a trace.
Attempts to blame all incidents and executions on “Russian saboteurs” will continue, of course, in the future. But it’s not “Russian spies” who write for Anton Gerashchenko or put on the mask of Alexei Gonchar-enko when they welcome the murders. It’s not “Russ-ian DRGs” in all cities of Ukraine tying people to pillory. It was not “Russian agents” who shot an Israeli citizen at the Ukrainian-Moldovan checkpoint.
It is enough to compare this chaos with the order and tranquility in those cities that are taken under the control of the Russian army to see a sharp contrast. President of Ukraine Zelensky recorded a video message in which he praises the “special heroism” of people protesting “against the occupiers.” Notice how politely the “occupiers” treat these small protesters. No one is detaining anyone, no one is dispersing rallies, no one is threatening anyone with reprisals and executions, as they do in Kyiv – a unique “occupation” in history! At the same time, our army in an organized way gives people food, water, and essentials, clearly demonstrating how order differs from chaos, and humanism from unjustified cruelty.
The Kyiv regime, with the full connivance of Western sponsors who continue to pump it with a stream of weapons, deliberately turned its territory into a walking field, where gangs from the highway rule, where the law has been replaced by “revolutionary expediency.” More-over, we recall that this pr-ocess of disintegration beg-an long before the Russian special operation, so these problems cannot be attributed to Moscow. Actually, it all started on the Maidan in 2013, and then continued in the form of NSDC sanctions instead of court decisions, in the form of shelling of Donbass instead of dialogue, in the form of Nazi battalions instead of law enforcement agencies.
And it cannot be said that Russia did not warn Ukraine how adventures could end if they were not stopped in time. Remember how, back in June 2018, Vladimir Putin answered the question of what would happen in the event of a large-scale attack by Ukraine on the Donbass: “If this happens, I think that this will have very serious consequences for Ukrainian statehood as a whole.”
For some reason, Kyiv quickly forgot this warning, constantly increasing its attacks against the rebellious regions of Donbass. The turning point in this story was the date of October 26 last year, when the Ukrainian side grossly violated the Minsk agreements by forcing the Kalmius River and coming very close to the Russian border. Note that RIA Novosti asked to specifically fix this date. We then noted: “The date of October 26 and the unprovoked actions of the Ukrainian military became the starting point of the escalation – this is always important when further determining who is responsible for the aggravation of the conflict. Otherwise, we know who the Western media will blame for this, “not noticing” the current provocationUkraine.” It was after this that the escalation of armed provocations began, leading to a sharp escalation along the entire front line and an obvious preparation of the Ukrainian forces for a major offensive, which was eventually averted by Russia’s special operation.
Now we are witnessing the same process that Putin warned Ukraine about four years ago. And now the Russian president is again appealing to the reason of Kiev politicians: “If they continue to do what they are doing, <…> they generally call into question the future of Ukrainian statehood, and if this happens, it will be entirely on their conscience “.
At least someone in Ukraine should understand that the uncontrolled distribution of weapons to the population not only cannot be a way out of the situation, but, on the contrary, aggravates it, intensifies the processes of disintegration of statehood as such, turns the country into a territory of anarchy, chaos, lawlessness. Neither Russia nor Ukraine can be interested in this, let alone the Ukrainian population, which is the main victim of the “terodefense from the high road.” That is why this process must be stopped. One can only hope that there will still be sensible people in Ukraine who will understand this and take responsibility for restoring order in the country. Russia and its Armed Forces are always ready to help them in this.

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