Ukraine war and the world peace

The Pentagon Intelligence Chief has claimed that Russian forces are facing setbacks while Moscow troops are incapable of achieving Putin’s initial goals due to stretched resources in Ukraine. The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA), Lieutenant General Scott Berrier told a conference that the Russian forces have suffered major setbacks since the launch of a Ukrainian counteroffensive last week, which has pushed Russian troops back from large swaths of Ukraine’s northeast. According to Berrier, initially, the Russians planned for occupation, not necessarily an invasion, therefore, Putin was still reluctant to fully mobilize Russian forces to get more manpower into the fight. American General was of the view that Putin is coming to a decision point, while the west is unaware of his future course that will largely drive Ukraine conflict in the future.

Ukraine war has entered nine-month with no latent indication of a pause in the ongoing hostility between the two neighbors. Both combatant nations are rapidly adopting new war maneuvers while indecisive tactical gains and losses are further prolonging the conflict. Previously, Russian troops made significant advances in the North Eastern regions of Ukraine and captured strategically important cities such as Kharkiv, Mariupol, Mykolaiv oblasts, and Donbas regions, whereas Ukrainian troops largely remained in defensive mode over the past eight months. However, the ill-equipped, poorly trained, and insufficiently organized Ukrainian military demonstrated extreme valor and professionalism in the face of the ruthless Russian war machine while it enjoyed unlimited technical, military, and economic support from western allies which not only sustained Ukraine’s economy but also played a pivotal role in Ukraine war efforts against foreign aggression. According to Defense Analysts, the billions of dollars of economic assistance and modern weaponry including long-range Howitzer artillery guns, SAMs, and anti-tank guided missiles along with the provision of tactical intelligence and strategic advice from the United States and NATO military experts helped Ukraine to survive through this challenging time.

Recently, the Ukrainian military has launched a counteroffensive and pushed back Russian troops in the Kharkiv region while retaking about 6000 square-kilometer area in the Kharkiv region liberating two towns from Russian occupation. Western analysts view the latest development as a new turn in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and hope for a greater upset which may lead to Russia’s defeat or at least a political uprising against the Putin regime amid rising anti-Putin voices in the state of Doma. However, western governments are cautious about the situation and perceive it as Russia’s strategic maneuver instead of a retreat because Russia had not used its full potential so far and President Putin recently vowed to liberate Ukraine’s entire eastern Donbas region, which was the prime objective of Russia’s Special Operation against Ukraine.

Presently, Russia is battling against over 50 western nations including the US, NATO, and its allies across the world and the conflict is gradually sliding toward a dead end. Although, strong state institutions and comprehensive mechanisms are placed in Kremlin, yet Putin enjoys totalitarian rule in the country. If pushed to the wall, Putin’s decision would be highly destructive for the world. Apparently, the world is heading toward a global conflict but influential care more about their interests than the peace of the world.