Ukraine war, new tactics new realities

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NATO Chief Jean Stoltenberg has said that the war in Ukraine could last for years and western nations should be ready to support Ukraine’s war efforts to defend the country’s Eastern flank. According to him, supplying state-of-the-art weaponry to Ukrainian troops would boost the chance of freeing its eastern region of Donbas from Russian control. Stoltenberg has said that the North Atlantic Alliance must prepare for the fact that war could take years and the allies must not let up in supporting Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine is entering its fifth month while western leaders have warned the world about the possibilities of a prolonged conflict that can last for years, therefore Ukrainian allies as well as the global community must be ready and prepared for the consequences of an extended conflict. Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnsen echoed about the risk of Ukraine fatigue as the war dragged on for a long time. The British Premier offered Ukraine substantial military support along with training of the Ukrainian military to help support the Kyiv to meet the grave challenges ahead. On the other hand, the Russian Defense Ministry has said, the offensive in the direction of Sievierodonetsk is developing successfully while Russian troops have captured Metyolkine, eastern district of the strategically important city of Sievierodonetsk.

Apparently, both warring sides are determined on their strategic goals and continuing their fighting besides suffering unparalleled casualties, monetary and fiscal losses over the past four months. Russia attacked Ukraine to stalled Kyiv’s plan to join NATO and European Union along with barring other neighbors from joining western alliances but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine not only paved the path for Ukraine admission to EU and NATO but also provoked Poland and Sweden to join North Atlantic Alliance to protect themselves from Putin’s assault any time in future. Presently, western nations are preparing to compete with Russia in the long run without considering the impact of a prolonged Russia-Ukraine war on the global community which is facing severe repercussions of the conflict in the shape of economic and energy crises and scarcity of food grains in their countries. The global leaders must consider the scenarios of a prolonged Russia-Ukraine conflict and its effects on global economy and food security across the globe including Asia, Africa and Latin America. Previously, western strategists planned to defeat Russia through a guerrilla war, if Russian Forces succeeded in conquering Kyiv in early days of the war, however, after witnessing Russia’s war strategy, Moscow’s economic outlook and slow pace of military successes in Eastern Ukraine. The western governments are now considering the option of a long war in Ukraine, which will exhaust the Russian economy with extraordinary war expenses, and a sanctioned and tingling Russian economy will gradually succumb under the heavy weight of Russian military expedition in Ukraine. An economically strong Europe is not too worried about the economic miseries of the world as they have planned to defeat the enemy at the cost of Ukraine.

The global leaders and the UN should intervene in the Ukrainian conflict, because Russia and western nations are pursuing their global interests on the cost of Ukraine and the rest of the world, so the world nations must act decisively against their adventure to restore peace in the world.

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