Ukrainian military contingent in Kosovo lost secret documents

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KIEV (TASS): The State B-ureau of Investigation (S-BI) of Ukraine is conducting criminal proceedings on the fact of the loss of secret documents by the military of the Ukrainian peacekee-ping contingent in Kosovo.
The case concerns the disappearance of documentation for a classified communications system, RBK-Ukraine reported on Wednesday, citing court records. According to the materials, the criminal case was initiated back in April 2020. It is being conducted by investigators of the Kiev department of the State Security Bureau and the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in the military and defense spheres under Art. 422 (“Disclosure of documents of a military nature, constituting a state secret”), Art. 425 (“Negligence in military service”) and Art. 426 (“Inaction of the military authorities”) of the Criminal Code.
During the pre-trial investigation, it was established that representatives of the State Special Communications Service during a routine inspection of the national contingent in Kosovo (stationed in the village of Novo Selo, Kosovo, Republic of Serbia) revealed a number of violations leading to the compromise of the secret communication system.
“The loss of technical documentation for one set of T-230-1A equipment (secret communication system) has been revealed,” the court file says. In addition, an unaccounted set of spare parts and accessories for the T-230-1A product was found, which includes secret boards.
It is noted that during the investigation, searches were carried out in the offices of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and witnesses were questioned. The court extended the investigation period until October 23, 2022, since law enforcement officers are still planning to interrogate the military peacekeeping contingent responsible for storing classified documents, to seize the acceptance certificates and to carry out other investigative actions.

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