UK’s global designs and domestic fragility

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The British government intends to increase its global military presence in the coming years to better respond to potential threats in different parts of the world. It was stated in the plan to modernize the land forces of the Royal Armed Forces, published by the British Ministry of Defense during recent days. The British Military is pursuing a newest plan “Future Soldier” aimed at modernizing British land forces through induction of latest technologies, cyber capabilities, personnel training and induction of new highly trained regiments during the coming years. According to reports, Boris Johnsen’s government had allocated £41.3 billion for spending on the project Future soldier during the next ten years.

According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the project “Future Soldier” will transform the Army into a more agile, integrated, lethal, and expeditionary force, which will operate across the globe, equipped with the capabilities to face down a myriad of threats from cyber warfare through to battlefield conflict. According to plans, new equipment such as Ajax, Boxer, Challenger 3, AH-64E Apache, long range precision fires and uncrewed aerial systems will be introduced, while much of the fighting force will fall under new self-sufficient Brigade Combat Teams. According to reports, the new specialized Ranger Regiments will be inducted in the British Army Special Operation Brigade and would be deployed alongside partner forces around the world to counter extremist organizations and hostile state threats.

Great Britain had ruled most of the world’s territory during the past centuries, however Winston Churchill and his forerunners smartly forecasted the future situation and gradually wrapped English’s expansionism to the British land, while liberating its colonies across the world. However, Johnsen’s deputies had charted out a strategy to expand their authority in various parts of the world. According to analysts, the current wave of terrorism and extremism in the factions of British society are the consequences of British unjustified interventions in other countries. Therefore, it is advisable to Johnsen and Wallace to limit their greed and let the people live their lives if they desire a peaceful life for English.

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