UK’s nationality and Borders Bill

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Presently, British lawmakers are debating a proposed legislation titled “the Nationality and Borders Bill” which is likely to be passed during future sessions of the Parliament. According to human rights defenders and social activists, the new bill creates the risks of discrimination and serious human rights violations and breaches the country’s obligations under international law. The critics say that the bill will instrumentalize national security concerns, increase the risks of discrimination and of serious human rights violations against minorities, migrants and refugees, if it gets nod of the British Parliamentarians.

According to UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, Siobhán Mullally, the bill fails to acknowledge the Government’s obligation to ensure protection for migrant and asylum-seeking children, and greatly increases risks of Statelessness, in violation of international law. It seriously undermines the protection of the human rights of trafficked persons; increases risks of exploitation faced by all migrants and asylum seekers.

The British Civil Society and UN human rights defenders urged the legislators to reverse the proposed measures. Presently, the UK house of lord, the upper house of the UK Parliament is considering a bill which will empower the government to remove the citizenship of persons without warning. In fact, the so-called Champion of human and civic rights had stripped citizenship of its several nationals in the past and this drive is likely to boom after enactment of the law.

According to experts, the current policy of secret evidence and secret courts of the British government had provided the and secret service an opportunity to act as an investigator, Prosecutor, Judge, juri and executer at the same time while squeezing the space of civic rights in the country. The British civil society and international organizations are of the view that the bill does not respect the UK’s obligations under international human rights so the Johnson government should abandon this bill. At times, British lawmakers are influenced by the preventive doctrine of Security institutions, which usually fail in identifying culprits but remain active in making people live a living hell through enforcement of undemocratic legislation and illegal prosecution.

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