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British Home Secretary, Priti Patel has introduced the National Security Bill, which aimed at introduction of new measures to protect the British public, modernize counter-espionage laws and address the evolving threat to Great Britani’s national security in the modern era. According to details, the Bill will keep the United Kingdom safe by making the country an even harder target for those states who seek to conduct hostile acts against the UK and will provide new and updated tools for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to tackle modern threats, which range from cyber-attacks and spying to interference in country’s economy and democracy.
The law will bring reforms in existing espionage legal framework through introduction of new offences in the British code to tackle state-backed sabotage, Foreign interference, theft of trade secrets and assisting a foreign intelligence service along with initiation of a foreign influence registration scheme (FIRS). The law will also enhance police powers to support the investigation of state threats activity and collection of evidence of espionage, subversion and sabotage to tackle the issue at an early stage.
The Johnson government had been susceptible about the growing Chinese nationals attempts of steeling British trade and economic secrets besides seeking China’s political influence in domestic affairs of the country. While British authorities remained concerned about secret activities of Russian spy agencies in the Great Britain ranging from cyber attacks, interference in elections, economic espionage, and poisoning of defective Russian agents in the mainland UK in recent years.
In fact, the predecessors of Priti Patel had demonstrated slackness and the UK’s government had been using the official secret legislation adopted dates back in 1911, 1920 and 1939, which do not meet the requirements of 21st century and foreign nations, spies, agents provocateur as well as criminal gangs had taken full advantage of social liberalism and trade freedom in England, hence the British have decided to squeeze the space for their adversaries through strict legislation and smart policing. Although it is a delayed effort by the British authorities yet it is a most needed and highly recommended legislation to deter the security threats of the contemporary world.

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