‘UN not support any armed resistance’

KABUL (Agencies): The European Union envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas Nicholson, reminded saying, that the EU will not support armed resistance against Afghanistan’s new government.
The European Union envoy, Nicholson made these statements after the end of his trip to Kabul.
He said that the war in Afghanistan has ended and the people of this country, adding that the end of the war is an opportunity to put an end to all kinds of violence in the country and to start the economic cycle.
“I repeat the European Union’s clear position of not providing political, material, or other support to the armed resistance in Afghanistan”. he said.
Pointing to the recent Doha meeting, he said that the meeting was a welcome initiative of the United Nations to once again put Afghanistan in the spotlight.
Nicholson stressed that interaction with the Islamic Emirate should continue to address common concerns, including security and the fight against terrorism.
He stressed saying that It is necessary to protect human rights, prevent illegal immigration and human trafficking, deal with drug production and trafficking, and stabilize the Afghan economy.
During his trip to Afghanistan, he met with the officials of the Islamic Emirate, including the head of the intelligence Department of the Islamic Emirate.
The officials of the Islamic Emirate assured that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used to threaten the security of other countries.